BeTendency provides fully transparent vacation rental property management in Barcelona

The main objective we seek with our full-service vacation rental property management is to be sustainable in the long term, and for this we focus on three pillars: 1. Maximize your benefits 2. Offer excellent customer service and 3. Make coexistence with the neighbours be the best possible.

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We visit your vacation rental property.

We believe meeting in person is of vital importance to the success of your vacation rental property management. We see the apartment and talk about issues such as current relationship with neighbours or other situations that may exist, and that way we can move on knowing your expectations and current situation.


Concept design and economic projection

In the following 24H, you will receive an income forecast, which is guaranteed under our management contract. Shall the economic scenario provided meet your expectations, we formalize a tailored contract to make you feel comfortable and very satisfied with.


Interior decorating and property set up.

We take care of making any change or reform in the apartment, to leave it in the best possible conditions. This investment will mostly be at our expense and always with prior authorization from you, to insure a 5 stars guest experience.


Communication to neighbours and the city hall.

We inform the neighbours and the city hall, that we are now the full-service vacation rental property management company in charge of your apartment. The idea is to introduce ourselves so they know who to contact for any incident 24/7.

We also install noise control devices in the apartment to monitor the behaviour of the guests.


Payment of your monthly return and start of sale

From here on, you receive the agreed monthly returns, and we take care of everything else, from the publication and management in all the channels, as well as handling guests, neighbours, city hall, etc. communication and relationship.

Within 24 hours we will respond to your request.

Why choose us?

More than 10 years of experiences invacation rental property management in Barcelonaendorse us

The full-service vacation rental property management in Barcelona is not an easy task, for this reason thanks to our more than 10 years of experience we can offer a method of collaboration and management where guests enjoy a unique experience, generating the best revenue for you as owner, and with the minimum impact on coexistence with neighbours, so that the activity as a vacation rental property is sustainable over time.


What does our service include?

Discover our main services included in ourvacation rental property management in Barcelona

Below, we detail the main services included in full-service vacation rental property management in Barcelona.  Every day we are trying to improve our management, and we are open to add or modify services, if there are any that you would like in your property management contract, we are happy to include it.

Gestion integral apartamentos barcelona

Initial home set-up

The image is essential on the internet, and for that reason we keep the design of your apartment updated from the start within the best standards and trends in interior design.

Administracion de pisos turisticos barcelona

Dynamic pricing and rate optimization

We will publish your property in more than 100 channels and agencies around the world, in order to obtain the best performance, adjusting the rates according to the demand and dates of each season.

Atencion 24h en apartamentos turisticos barcelona

Communication 24/7

Our multilingual team gives an immediate response for any kind of inquiries, be it from guests, neighbours, city hall, or any others.

Huespedes de apartamentos en gestion integral

Guest scanning and noise control

A good coexistence between the guests and the neighbours is very important, for that reason we filter the guests and we demand a good behaviour, assuring with noise sensors that the hours of rest are respected.

Limpieza de pisos turisticos en barcelona

Professional cleaning and laundry

Our in-house cleaning team with more than 10 years of experience in luxury hotels, ensure that the apartment is in the best conditions for a perfect guest experience.

Mantenimiento de pisos turisticos en gestion barcelona

Maintenance and grooming after each stay

Our full-service vacation rental property management includes free of charge maintenance and repairment of any equipment. We are strict on preserving your property’s condition because we always aim to give the “wow” experience to guests.

Bienvenida en piso turisticos integral barcelona

Check In and Check Out in the apartment

We always welcome guests at the apartment, provide them useful information and explain the rules to follow. We offer a personalized service, and control who will stay in your apartment. We never hand the keys somewhere else.

asesoria legal para apartamentos turisticos

Legal Obligations

We collect and pay the tourist tax, we do the ¨declaracion de los mossos¨, we make sure that all legal obligations are fulfilled. We provide a specialised 24h emergency line for the city hall and neighbours. We are always updated with the latest requirements.

gestion integral de apartamentos turisticos barcelona

Custom advertising campaigns

Each property is unique, so based on our experience and software we develop a specific advertising campaign for your property and differentiate it in the market to obtain greater visibility and performance.

With whom do we collaborate?

The optimization of channel distribution is fundamental forvacation rental property management,and these are some with whom we collaborate.

Airbnb Optimizado
Booking Optimizado
expedia Optimizado
Home away Optimizado
9flats Optimizado
Tripadvisor Optimizado

Every day we are in search of new channels and ways of selling that optimize the occupancy of your apartment, and if possible, improve the returns obtained. Our property management system allows us to connect with most of the channels and thus make our full-service vacation rental property management a perfect solution both operationally and economically.

What do they think about us?

The personal relationship that we maintained with our owners in more than ten years, endorses ourfull-service vacation rental property management in Barcelona.

John Doe
John Doe
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We have been working with BeTendency for more than five years, they manage our properties in Barcelona and we have never had any problem with them. They are exquisite and have always complied with the agreement. Absolutely recommended 🙂
John Doe
John Doe
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We recently bought an apartment in Barcelona and since we don’t live there, we struggled to find a management company that we could trust. We are 100% satisfied with BeTendency and the support and transparency they provide and recommend them to all owners that like us invested in a property and need someone trustworthy to take care of it and maximize its revenue. The fact that they assume all risks and guarantee our income makes us live with no worries and be more than happy with our choice.
John Doe
John Doe
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As the owner of several apartment buildings managed by BeTendency I would like to register my most sincere satisfaction in honesty, dedication and attention both to the owner and the guests. I would like to also mention that Tendency has the necessary infrastructure to give personalized attention 24 hours a day.

Do you have doubts?

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions for our vacation rental property management in Barcelona.

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    BeTendency offers an exclusive full-service vacation rental property management in Barcelona. Our team works so that your property meets our guests’ expectations. Thanks to our hard work and valuable know-how, your vacation rental occupation will be the highest possible, and you will obtain the best revenue. Hire a full-service vacation rental property management company in Barcelona with more than 10 years of experience, ​​which will take care of all aspects of vacation rental property management, such as 24-hour customer service, attending neighbours, professional cleaning, among others. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a personalized proposal for our vacation rental property management service. We are more than happy to assist you.