about us

Our concept

We started our journey in 2007 in Barcelona, with the idea of helping the owners of holiday apartments find an ally to offer a unique guest experience, pay special attention to the coexistence with the neighbors and at the same time get the greatest possible economic performance of the activity.

For this reason, we take care of even the smallest detail of your property, in such a way that the activity is sustainable, and guests and neighbors can live in harmony. Every day we are exploring new forms of collaboration with owners, trying to build longtime ally, based on an excellent personal and transparent relationship with each one.

“It´s not what we do, it´s how we do it”


Our values

Being a reliable and transparent company is not built in a single day, it requires daily work, commitment and talent from our professionals. In each new property management project, we test ourselves, we give out the best of us, when facing the challenges of building and maintaining a sustainable, profitable tourism activity with a positive impact on the environment.

Value 1

Excellent added value

We seek to give a plus, offering a transparent and innovative management, through the development of our talents and knowledge.

Value 2

Personal and transparent relationships

Based on a personal treatment, any information will always be accessible at all times, being open to any suggestion or query from our owners.

Value 3

Mutual Commitment

Build on trust and respect, a long-term relationship based on our efficiency and initiative in property management.

Value 4


Apply the highest standards of conduct in our management to strengthen our credibility and reputation. We want to be objective, demonstrating a solid and responsible approach to any situation.

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